Triden Troop automatic touch free soap and shampoo dispenser triple
Triden Troop touch free automatic soap and shampoo dispenser
Triden Troop automatic touchless soap or shampoo dispenser for shower triple

M3: Automatic Mini-Dispenser | shampoo, conditioner & body wash

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elevate your mind.

For the conscientious who understand clean home = clean mind. Your home is your temple - you should treat it like so! Reap the positive mental energy by optimizing your environment.

☑️ Wall-mounted - unlock the full potential of your home by utilizing your walls so you can choose exactly how you want to design your dream room

☑️ Stainless steel - you deserve a little luxury in your life. The durable body is expertly crafted with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish.

☑️ Touch-free sensor - simply place your hand below the soap dispenser to enjoy the peace of mind of our advanced touch-free technology.

☑️ IPX7 waterproof - avoid cheap dispensers which fail to consider your safety. Stay protected with Triden Dispensers which are engineered to protect you & your loved ones in the bathroom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ian Byrne
Triple Dispenser Review.

I'm very pleased with this dispenser I ordered for my wife and I. I'm glad it's not cheaply made and it seems to do the job very well. Thanks for reading.

Demi Vazquez
triple action!!

So glad I ordered the triple cause I have so many shower soaps and shampoos lol

barn klein

its good. dispenses well and my girlfriend puts her shampoos in them

Zona Albrecht
Easy to refill

If you're worried about the refill, its actually really easy and I've switched to buying my soaps and shampoos in bulk. Its crazy how expensive individual shampoo bottles are, so buying in bulk has saved me a lot of money

Kaitlynn Seymour
Instagram find

It came up on my instagram and it looked promising so I bought one last week and haven't looked back since

touchless and smooth soap dispenser

freshen up your space with

Stainless Steel

Touchless & effortless

Touchless Dispensing

Sustainable & Cost-Effective

Start Buying in Bulk

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