Mini automatic soap and shampoo dispenser for shower and bath tub
Triden Troop touchless soap or shampoo double dispenser
shampoo and conditioner in an automatic dispenser, mounted on a shower room wall.

M2: Automatic Mini-Dispenser | shampoo & conditioner

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elevate your mind.

For the conscientious who understand clean home = clean mind. Your home is your temple - you should treat it like so! Reap the positive mental energy by optimizing your environment.

☑️ Wall-mounted - unlock the full potential of your home by utilizing your walls so you can choose exactly how you want to design your dream room

☑️ Stainless steel - you deserve a little luxury in your life. The durable body is expertly crafted with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish.

☑️ Touch-free sensor - simply place your hand below the soap dispenser to enjoy the peace of mind of our advanced touch-free technology.

☑️ IPX7 waterproof - avoid cheap dispensers which fail to consider your safety. Stay protected with Triden Dispensers which are engineered to protect you & your loved ones in the bathroom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Serena Nguyen

I just love home automation products and so when I saw this I thought to try it. It just feels right. Love using it in my shower and it looks beautiful :)

mel frazier
The perfect shower accessory

I'm always looking for new home accessories and I saw this online. It works so well!

Elsie Castaneda
great size for my bath tub

I love the look when one soap color is different from the other. It has been great for me

Highly recommend

I just moved out and was looking for some home furniture and appliances then found this! So glad I got this for my shower it works wonders!!

Love it for my shampoo!!

My boyfriend is always complaining about how many bottles we have in the shower and when I saw this I decided to try it. Its really convenient freeing up space and not having to squeeze a nearly empty bottle :)

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